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Liz Lemon ai??i?? ai???Another Giftai??? ai??i?? Stoke-on-Trent ai??i?? 2005

From the initial concept, HTF stainless steel were involved as main contractor to realise Lizai??i??s vision for a sculpture which interacts with both its unique surroundings and the local people.

Situated opposite the main town hall council offices and the Church of St.Peter it allows pedestrian traffic to meander through its twists and turns as the perforations shimmer and create an illusion of movement and continuous flow caused by a ai???moirAi??ai??? effect. The piece is dispersed with water jet cut lettering and signatures of local school children and also features depicting the cityai??i??s rich history of pottery manufacture.

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To time and budget, what impressed us most was in fact the level of service. We provided “ general drawings” and HTF produced detailed drawings which covered the smallest of details – always from a viewpoint of functionality, appearance and longevity. Thank you again for all of your assistance!

Malcom Jackson
Regional Director - ICE East Midlands

HTF have helped considerably in the design and manufacture of our machine frames, conveyors and hoppers. They are very responsive to urgent requirements – great service and high quality which is essential to our work. We have no reservations in recommending them as a supplier!

John Bleshalin
LINE Equipment

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